C h I l L i N !!!

Hanging out at todd & chris's New Years 2003/2004

Me just hanging out in my
old room in New Mexico

1:45 AM, after coming home from a San Bernardino rave, it was a bust so we got home hell-a early

Xen, a hookah lounge in hillcrest we always hung out at 
I think my eyes look really pretty here, but i was pissed of bc it was right after i shave my head, even tho i think it looks ok
My Princess shirt which became a topic of conversation at my high school

me chatting on the phone wearing sun glasses at night

Me doing the raver "visor grab"

Frank (Luann's boi), Luann (mike's sister), Mike (my ex) & me
 at the LA fair "01, back when mike and i got together