Rebecca  from my old work. i was having fun with my handcuffs :)

Kyle and Todd playing with the dog and playin video games New Years '03/'04

Me, Julian, Mike (my ex boi), and noble partying in the UNM dorms when finals ended, none of us went to that school

This is my ex-boi mike, i am not sure why i still have it on here, he can go to hell, just kidding, i am just bitter

Katie, Michelle & i all hung over after another party

Having fun in the snow in Maryland on my jan 02 visit , with morgan's brother & friends

Kate and i laughing about god knows what

Kaite and i hanging out, and Michelle is on the coach

My best bud Kaite and i, we really care about each other, but she is now away at school, tear

Nat, Matt, Tova, Michelle and Kayla chillin' by the comp after a party at Katie's

My close friend Chad in Albuquerque, i miss u Chad, and i wish things would have worked your way, i would have been happy with that.

Beth and me chilling outside XEN

When u can't find E, candy will do for Katie and i